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I help people get out of their own way and

become unstoppable leaders in their business and their life.

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Steph Williamson, Life & Leadership Coach

Break Through Your Bullshit with a Life & Leadership Coach

Do you struggle to achieve goals because, well, life got in the way, fear crept in, or you sabotaged your own success? Yeah? GREAT! Me, too. We’re both humans. And with me as your life & leadership coach, we will uncover what’s getting in your way and break through it.

Screw the daily hustle! This mentality pushes us to act more from a place of fear and doubt and less from inspiration and intention, resulting in goal-setting designed to fix the past instead of transforming your future. Together, we will discover your essence—the core of who you are—so you can begin living from a whole new place of power.

Let’s bring focus, awareness, purpose-fueled action, and momentum to your life and business. As your life & leadership coach-sidekick, I’ll encourage you to be the badass leader of your own life. You will be challenged to grow, level up, and be your best self. I’ll be your biggest supporter and your built-in bullshit meter. You deserve the business and life that you’ve been dreaming of.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact me today to schedule your complimentary Discovery Session!


Exclusive Group Coaching

Are you ready to own your power and become a true leader in your business and your life? The time to grow into a badass leader is now!  Join us for exclusive group coaching and get the support you need to get unstuck and achieve your big goals.

Life & Leadership Coaching

If you’re a dreamer with a vision, ready to take action, and open to being challenged and transformed, contact us about Life & Leadership Coaching. Add speed and power to your dreams NOW! Work with me, one-on-one, to get out of overwhelm, gain momentum, and create what you really want in life.


Want to empower your organization? Host a talk or a workshop on team vision, communication, leadership, or personal development with Steph Williamson, Life & Leadership Coach.  Create the team culture you are looking for and get results that take your business to the next level.

“Working with Steph has enabled me to take a hard look at the stuff that keeps getting in my way and blocking me from moving forward and achieving greater levels of success and peace. Through her insightful coaching questions, she brings a new level of clarity to long-held self-limiting beliefs, giving me the tools to break free and live authentically in my power. She is passionate about helping people and bringing more light into the world, and that shines through in her work.  I can’t recommend her enough.”

Becky Williams

“With insightful guidance, support, and knowledge, she has a remarkable ability to help you see yourself as you truly are and recognize the power each of us possess to design the future of our dreams – a future that is not frightening or intimidating but exciting and vast.”

Sarah Watts

“In my session with Stephanie I felt like I had more breakthroughs in that one hour than I had in several months! Stephanie helped give me the courage to show up to an event I was nervous for and be myself. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders after my session, because Stephanie was able to ask questions I hadn’t thought of asking myself.”

Carlee Wilson

“I can’t thank you enough for that coaching session yesterday. It calmed me down and helped me get back to what I needed to do. And guess what happened when that energy shifted? I got a new business partner AND someone who’s interested in hosting a ladies night AND a message from someone else who’s interested in becoming a new customer! Such a great end after a crappy start.”

Confidential Client

Split Second Decisions

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To Start and Succeed: Commitment + Focused Energy + WILL

Let’s face it, we’ve all started something new at some point in our lives—a habit, a creative project, a big ass goal—and we’ve all found ourselves procrastinating, forgetting, or “changing our mind.” We don’t get to that point because our idea sucked, or we...
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Fear and Growth: You’re allowed to have both

Some professional and professional development coaches will convince you that fear is a bad thing. That you must be fearless in order to have growth. I’m here to share a different angle with you. What if fear did not have to stop you or even slow you down? What...
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Getting RISKY with Your #LifeGoals

Learn how to continuously choose to live outside your comfort zone and achieve the RISKY goals you’ve thought impossible!   I’m not going to claim that I have mastered the unknown, but as a personal and professional growth coach, I am fully engaged in living...
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Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. -Warren G. Bennis