It is amazing what happens when we discover our purpose and let it be bigger than our obstacles. When the stakes get higher, the struggle become irrelevant and we start taking action. This is what happens to me time and time again. When I get more specific and more focused on my purpose. Magic starts to happen and it lights a fire inside of me. I become unstoppable. This is available to each and every single person on this earth.

Wanna know what happens when you let your purpose drive you?

  1. Motivation shows up:

I hear from so many people that “I just don’t have the motivation” Motivation doesn’t just show up when you’re having a tough time. It has to be inspired by your purpose. For example if your goal is to be healthier, what is your purpose behind that goal? Until you can go deeper on your purpose, the coach and netflix will get you 90% of the time. If your purpose to become healthier is fueled by the intention of being alive, mobile, and active for your great grandchildren. Every time you think of slacking on your health goals you will be motivated by that deep down desire to be active and independent as a great grandma.

What is the purpose behind each and every goal you set? Is it the same purpose, is it different? Explore what you really want.

  1. Fear can’t win

I know this one shows up for me all the time. I get afraid to put myself out there. Fear has prevented from me acting on my dreams…until I get focused on my purpose again. My dream is to share my message with the world and get women to DUMP the diet & exercise yo-yo lifestyle. I help women embrace their strength and live in a body they love. This message isn’t sexy, it’s not as easy to share as the “10 day Secret formula to fat loss” Many people just want the quick fix. I get stifled by the fear that my message is irrelevant or un-sexy.

My purpose is to empower women. To guide them to a place of power withing themselves. When I think about where I was 8 years ago struggling with disordered eating, and believing that I was not worthy. I wish I had this message. When I think about that as my purpose my fear has no chance at stopping me from shouting from the rooftops.

Fear has nothing on your deeper purpose! When you anchor yourself in why you started it is impossible for fear to make you quit.

  1. You become unstoppable:

Have you ever seen those people who seem like they have endless willpower. Those people that you are even a bit jealous of. They are dedicated to their goals and it seems like they are unstoppable. Willpower has very little to do with it. It has to do with their purpose. They are so focused on the deeper meaning to their goals, that nothing can get in their way. This is totally achievable! Get deeper on what you really want and why you want it. You want to loose xx pounds? What for? What is bigger than the weight loss? What is bigger than just going to the gym and eating well? What really inspires you? When you discover that…you’ll be unstoppable too.

Discovering your purpose is an amazing tool for achieving your dreams. What it does not do is make things easy. I don’t claim that achieving health or weight loss is easy. I definitely don’t claim that building a business that inspires women is easy. What I am saying is that the work is worth it when you have a bigger purpose behind your goals.

Are you ready to dig deeper? Discover your purpose, and become unstoppable?

It can start today!

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