What is your relationship to rewards?

I can admit that I have a love/hate relationship to rewards. At first glance I love to set up a reward system for myself. I do this in my work projects, and my fitness goals. I like to set goals, and create strategies to get there. Finishing with some sort of reward.

The real truth is when it comes down to it, I will half ass my reward. I won’t actually take what I said I was going to take. For example one of my rewards for reaching a milestone in my coaching business was to go out and buy a new piece of wardrobe that fits my “coaching” style. I reached the milestone and that was good enough for me, I didn’t think I really needed to turn around and reward myself for doing my job. I ended up buying myself a comfy tank top with one of my mantras on it (I’MPERFECT) I thought it was clever and I wanted to support the movement that was selling the shirts, so I made that my reward instead. Because I did it this way, I didn’t enjoy the full extent of my reward. I fell into the guilt trap of actually treating myself to something that I really wanted. I don’t think about my accomplishments when I wear that tank top. It just became a part one of many tanks in my workout drawer.

We’ve all do this. We blaze past rewarding ourselves for the small things, the big thins and all the things in between. Sometimes it is because we do not think we are worth it. Other times we half ass our reward, and it doesn’t have the same impact. Or even worse we feel guilty about our reward so it has the reverse impact on us.

Let’s make a shift, shall we? It’s time to #treatyoself and make rewards and integral part of the dreams, goals, and milestone process. When we set a goal you have another thing to look forward to, to work towards. Sometime in a fitness or business goal we can get so hyper obsessed with what the outcome is that we forget to reward the process. We should be celebrating our small wins, our big wins, and the big steps in between.

Let’s practice:

#TreatYoSelf Planning:

Pick a treat/reward for your progress goals (this can be something small, cheap or free, and give you a little boost of YAY!!! to keep you moving forward)

Pick a treat/reward for your end result goals (this can be something bigger, that will be a cherry on top, you can indulge in this reward and associate reaching your goal with this BIG treat)

My #treatyoself plan

Progress goals: When I complete a BIG part of my marketing plan (including blogs, follow ups, and other marketing strategies) I #treatmyself

  • A small piece of Indulgent Chocolate

  • 30 Minutes of TV ( my guilty pleasure shows)

  • A power nap or power walk

  • My favorite beverage (hot tea, kombucha, coffee, etc)

End Result Goal: When I finish launching my next big project I will #treatmyself with one of my big ticket rewards

  • One Unplugged Lazy Pajama Day

  • New Outfit of my choice

  • New Pair of Shoes

  • Massage or Acupuncture Session

I want to hear what you come up with! What is your #treatyoself plan? What are you working on that you could reward yourself for? Leave it in the comments below. It will put you on the hook to follow through =)

Now that I have finished 2 hours of solid block time…I’m gonna go #treatmyself ūüėČ

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