When you’re selfish with Self Care…everyone wins


Have you ever felt guilty about taking a sick day? Or asking help when you’re getting overwhelmed or stressed?


Consider that when you are selfish with your self care. EVERYONE WINS


An easy example of this is when we have the flu or we’re coughing up a lung, we will typically take the day off to get better, and prevent others from getting sick. You may ask for help with the kids, or ask a friend or family member to bring you soup and meds.


When it comes to your overall health and wellbeing (including stress management) it is tougher for you to take the time you need. It may feel selfish. Asking for a nanny or a sitter to come by so you can get to the gym, or so you can have quite time for you seems like a completely different story.


I’m drawing a line in the sand here and ask that you consider them equally important. When you are selfish with your self care, you set an example for your family, your team, and the world for what it means to be “well” This does not only mean in “disease/virus/bacteria free” but emotionally well.


If you lead a team at work, or a family at home it requires energy, focus, heart, courage, power, and a plethora of other skills and talents.   If you are half assing your self care, you are depriving yourself of being fully present, fully functioning for your team and/or your family.


Ever tried to work when you’re not feeling well. Things take longer, mistakes get made, it’s all half assery because you know that you are sick. Stress is s sickness. Avoiding the things you need to be and feel well is a sickness.


Start being selfish with your care. Take time for you. Take time for the gym, for good food, for meditation, for alone time, for friend time, for family time, for whatever fills your cup and makes you feel at your BEST.


What would happen if your family or co-workers start seeing you taking care of yourself. I admit their first reaction may be “What’s going on” and as you continue to stay committed to taking care of yourself and start operating from a more powerful, less stressed place. They are going to be asking “How did you do it, what’s your secret” and you’ll get to be an example for what wellness really is. Your kids will understand and pick up on when mommy needs mommy time. And you’ll be setting an example of what it is to be human, and care about yourself.


BE SELFISH! Give yourself the kind of care and attention you are normally giving to others. BE WELL, AND EVERYOND WINS!


Stepping off my soapbox now. I’d love to hear from you? Where could you be a little more selfish AND generous with yourself, your time, your energy, your wellbeing?

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