What would be possible in your life if you didn’t agree with the negative bullshit that runs through your head? You know, the voice that says:

“You’re not good enough.”

“That isn’t possible for you.”

“Stop dreaming and come back to reality.”

“You’re too lazy, fat, young, old…”

“If it’s not perfect don’t start.”

“If you don’t know how…leave it up to people that do.”

“So and so is already better at that…don’t bother.”

“Who do you think you are to think you can have it all?”

I can go on and on—I can list out all sorts of negative bullshit, because I am human and, even as a life coach, I am not immune to the negative self-talk that gets in my way. NO ONE is immune. Not even Tony Robbins. (Yah, I said that.)

The difference is the degree of power you give to your bullshit story and how long you agree with it. What is your bullshit keeping you from?

Let’s get down to nitty gritty: How much is that bullshit costing you? What is it costing you in fulfillment, joy, love, connection, and MONEY?

When I believe my bullshit I’ve estimated that it costs me at minimum $5,000 per month. {Math} That’s $60,000 per year. AT MINIMUM, you guys.


I’m not willing to give that up, just to believe the negative shit that my brain wants to throw my way.

In addition, it’s costing me a connection with amazing humans, fulfillment in my work, and a fuck-ton of energy that I use managing my inner monolog rather than doing the work that I know I was born to do.

Think about it. What is it costing you? WRITE IT OUT….

Invoice yourself for your bullshit and decide if you are going to pay that bill.

I invite you to disagree with your bullshit. When the negative self-talk starts to creep in, choose to disagree!

My favorite part of coaching is when we can clearly see the bullshit, point to it, and decide once and for all that you will not let it get in your way. It’s a practice, a muscle that you build, and you get better with time and attention.

Are you ready to build that anti-bullshit muscle?

It all starts with a conversation. Let’s talk!

P.S.: Don’t listen to that voice that just said: “Don’t call her, because [Insert your bullshit here].”

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