The year is coming to an end and you’re looking for what is going to be different about 2017. Maybe you are hopeful that if you just work “harder” you’ll have a better year.


Isn’t that the same story you’ve been telling yourself year after year after year?


I told myself this story to for YEARS! It looked a little something like this:


  • Get really excited about New Years because it was a “fresh start”
  • Set BIG goals that inspire, excite, and motivate me
  • Come out of the gate flying! It was rise and grind time: Engage BEAST Mode
  • Hit a bump in the road and get frustrated
  • Make up a story about how I am not good enough
  • Convince myself I should want less from my work, my relationships, my life
  • Recalibrate my goals based on my shitty story
  • Continue to hustle hard, and maybe reach my mediocre recalibrated results
  • Get to the end of the year exhausted, burnt out, disappointed
  • Start again in the new year expecting it to go differently this time


Sound familiar? Let’s get real my friends. This is bullshit.


Einstein’s definition of insanity


Ready or not, it’s time for something different!

(I can hear the “But I don’t know HOW!” creeping in.)


That’s just fear, and fear is not the enemy here. We can thank our fear for trying to keep us safe. And we can take the leap anyway.


I don’t have a secret formula. I don’t have a magic pill. #sorrynotsorry


What I do have is an amount of support you have never imagined before (or maybe you have, and it’s finally time to say YES to it) I have a partnership that allows you to be the powerful badass that you know you are. A structure for you to set your BIG ASS goals, get aligned with your true purpose, create intentional action plans to make it happen!


I also have a little magic (and I know you do too)


I will not promise that there won’t be doubts, road blocks, obstacles, and bullshit that gets in your way. In fact, I know it will happen. The difference is now you will have someone to help you navigate them (blow them up maybe?) and keep going. This adds a whole new level of momentum and power to your work and life.


Partnering with me as you coach is committing to creating your year completely differently. It’s interrupting the same old pattern that is keeping you playing small and ending in exhaustion and disappointment. It’s making 2017 YOUR year, because you said so.


Are you ready to start your BEST YEAR EVER?

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(Oh snap…did fear just show up again? That’s okay. Say YES to yourself and we’ll take on that fear together)

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