I have a confession to make: I am a LIFE coach and last year I was totally convinced that I could build this heart centered business all from the head, without consulting my heart or spirit (Can you see the gap?) I’m really glad I was called out on that bullshit, and chose to fall in love with the work that I do.

I am totally in love with the way life coaching speaks to people on multiple levels. I am obsessed with the transformation that occurs when people bring ALL of themselves to their work, their relationships, their communities, their lives. I am filled with joy, and I shiver a bit when my clients are at the tipping point of allowing everything they want to come into view. I love handing them the detonator to blow up their bullshit stories. And I am so grateful that I get a front row seat to my clients stepping into the juicy life they are creating for themselves.

I am continually learning and growing in my own life, and my own field as a Life Coach.  I am constantly floored by the power of this work.  And quite frankly surprised daily by the fantastic souls who take on their lives in this way.  I am in awe.  I am grateful.  And I’m even afraid.  But mostly I relate to this work as badass.

Thanks for letting me share a bit of my heart and spirit with you in the first volume of short bit/confessions =)

If you’re looking to include your heart, gut, and spirit into the way you create your biz and life, I’d love to support you! Let’s Talk!

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