Dear Creative,

Hello, beautiful. I see you.You have a fire in your belly and creativity in your bones. I know that your art allows you to breathe deeply and live fully.

And I also know that sometimes it sucks.

The demons of comparison and criticism snuggle up to you at night. The feeling of “not good enough” lingers nearby. And the fear can feel suffocating.

I know because I’ve felt it too.

I urge you to keep creating, remember what you are made of. Creativity is not just something you do it is WHO YOU ARE. No one can take that away from you.

I invite you to love yourself and your art fiercely.

Stay present to your fire. Listen to your heart, your gut, and every cell in your body that calls you to create. (Even when your brain may create reasons why you shouldn’t.)

Don’t take on others’ fears. Your people will try to protect you, remember that sometimes they do this out of love. Hear and acknowledge them, then choose for yourself what’s next. Only YOU know.


The world needs more of what you have. Never forget that.

It’s time to reject playing small. You matter. Your art, your work matters. You deserve to live BIG.

Thank you for being the unique and beautiful creature that you are. Thank you for answering the calling to create. Thank you for living on the edge of your comfort zone. Thank you for knowing yourself. Thank you for being tenacious and creative as fuck!



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