Learn how to continuously choose to live outside your comfort zone and achieve the RISKY goals you’ve thought impossible!


I’m not going to claim that I have mastered the unknown, but as a personal and professional growth coach, I am fully engaged in living outside of my comfort zone and consistently guiding my clients to as well. I truly believe that it is growth that allows us to live fully! I rebel against “good enough” and the “status quo”.

A note about living outside of your comfort zone

When you choose this life, you acknowledge and accept that:

  1. It’s not going to be easy.
  2. It’s not going to be comfortable.
  3. It will be worth it.


I’d like to invite you to get RISKY with your Life Goals. This means you’re going to have to say goodbye to playing small, scraping by, and putting others wants and needs before your own.

To get RISKY with your life goals means you are truly committed to the success of your work or business, the fulfillment in your life, and the growth that will make you the best version of YOU. You will also embrace the #rebel mindset.

It means you are willing to put your vision above your fears and continue to take small steps forward. Over and over and over again.

My gift to you on this journey is a simple acronym that can make a BIG impact on your life.

Let’s choose to be RISKY! Step into being a #RISKYRebel

Run Toward What You Want

Interrupt Your Fear

Surround Yourself with Support

Know Your Value

Yes, AND

R – Run Toward What You Want

You don’t have to have it all figured out to take this first step. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want, run anyway. Run toward what inspires you, what excites you, and what you’re curious about. Any movement is better than being stuck wishing it was going any other way.

Clarity comes from action, not from “figuring it all out.”

If you know what you want, keep your vision and your goals front and center… and RUN. Run at full speed, even if you can’t see the results right away. (Think of a puppy running on linoleum. They are going ALL OUT, full of enthusiasm, until traction grabs and they lunge forward in full force. Be the puppy on linoleum!)

ACTION: What is ONE thing you will do this week to RUN toward what you want?

I – Interrupt Your Fear

Fear doesn’t have to slow you down or stop you. It can actually be a useful indicator.

The thing is, you don’t want to let your fear have control over your life. (I’m assuming you don’t because you are reading this blog.) To regain control of your path you must speak your fear. You can’t ignore it and you can’t make it disappear. What you can do is interrupt it!

To interrupt your fear you must get familiar with it. Listen to it. Ask it what it needs. Name it. Personify it. Allow it to exist.

And then lovingly demand that it sit in the back seat because you are driving today. (And back seat drivers are the worst!)

ACTION: If your fear had a name, what would it be? (Note: you will likely have multiple names.)

S – Surround Yourself with Support

“Doing it alone” is overrated and likely unsuccessful. This is one of the biggest lessons I learned in running my own business. I would hustle and grind because it made me feel like I was getting somewhere. The truth was I was just burning myself, and my first business, into the ground. Leveling up my support and hiring a life coach was the first step.

Make sure you are surrounded by people who want you to win AND people who will call you out when you are playing small or allowing your fears take over.

Every successful company, individual, public figure has had teams of support (and high-level coaches). If you want to be elite, get elite support. You don’t see Oprah, Obama, Russell Wilson, or Usain Bolt doing it alone, do you? They have teams, coaches, committees, and many professionals who help them operate at their high levels of success.

ACTION: Make a list of 3-10 people in your life who want you to win and are willing to say the BOLD thing you need to hear to move forward.

EXTRA Challenge: Call them this week and ask for support on something!

K – Know Your Value

My wish is that you would know you are valuable just as you are. When you truly know what you bring to the table you, are able to be clear and confident in your communication. This is transformative for you and the people around you.

Lean on your strengths, your skills, and WHO you are to move you forward. Never undervalue yourself. It gives permission for others to do the same.

ACTION: Make a list right now of 5-10 strengths and great qualities. Create 3 actions that will foster and grow each of them.

Y – Yes, AND

This can be used everywhere, and it is something I learned from my career as an improv actor. Learn to say “yes, AND…”.

When your aim is to create, contribute, and collaborate, “AND” is the only way to get things done. “BUT” creates separation, distance, and isolates the people involved.

BUT is a limiter.

AND is expansive and creative.

Note the difference in these sentences when you use AND vs. BUT:

  • Yes, I want to follow my purpose and have impact AND/BUT I want to make money.
  • Yes, that is a fantastic idea AND/BUT what if we looked at adding this.
  • Yes, I’m building a business AND/BUT I’m working an extra job to make it possible.

ACTION: Notice how many times you use “BUT” in a day. Replace it with “AND” and see what happens.

Getting RISKY is a practice. There will be times when you fail. You will fall and scrape your knees, and during those times it is important to remember the resiliency of your child-like spirit. These are the times that you rebel against giving into what’s “easy”.  You will rebel against what’s “comfortable” all so that you can achieve your dream life.

AND if you keep choosing to practice getting RISKY with your life goals and stepping powerfully out of your comfort zone, you will be a #RISKYRebel.

I know you will succeed.

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