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Premier Private Coaching:

For entrepreneurs, leaders, and badasses

Together we will:
– Learn to take control of your business and your team, to produce results with less hustle from you
– Create time freedom without sacrificing your goals, by committing to what really matters and delegating the rest
– Get back to your own personal desires and goals: Travel, Adventure, Creativity, Wellbeing, Relationships? Yes you can be successful and have a thriving life too.
– Learn to take ownership of what makes you uniquely extraordinary. Use it and make a world changing impact

Let’s do this together!

  • Coaching completely custom to you (this is not a one-size-fits-all approach)
  • 6 month (24 sessions total) and 1 year (36-48 sessions available)
  • Ontological Leadership Development
  • Tools, Technique, and Training to lead authentically
  • Weekly structures and accountability
  • High touch engagement and ongoing support via personal access to Steph

Lady Leaders:

Stop shying away from your power. Level up and lead your life. 4 key components:

  1. Vision: Get crystal clear on what you want for the year, beyond a foggy, impossible dream. When you have clarity to propel you forward, you become unstoppable.
  2. Results: Stop setting goals based on circumstances and “shoulds”. Learn to set, and achieve meaningful goals. Learn to celebrate your successes and move quickly through your failures to stay on track for what you really want.
  3. Integration: Learn to integrate your life as you create results in your career. Your life doesn’t have to be put on hold, just to create the business of your dreams. Having it all means the life you desire growing and thriving alongside your career.
  4. Relationships: We’re going to talk about relationships everywhere. Learn to put yourself first in service of everyone in your life. Lean into the relationships that fill you up. Have the romance of your dreams. Have the sex life you crave. Be everything you want for your family. And know that this will fuel your results too.

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Team Transformation Coaching:

Want to accelerate and leverage your team?

You want a Team
– Of leaders who take initiative
– Who produces big results
– That collaborates and supports one another
– Who takes action and thrives (even when you go on vacation!)

What’s happening now:
– High Turnover
– Below average results
– Low energy/engagement
– Lack of commitment and vision
– Hand holding and micromanaging
– You’re doing all the work anyway

Designed for companies with custom needs. Contact me for workshops, trainings, and team coaching.

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<<Let’s rediscover the happiness that got lost in the hustle.>>