Ever need to power up your day, but you’re running a little behind? This is me most of the time =)

Matcha Green Tea has become much more popular these days.  I love that this amazing tea is getting a little spot light.

My first experience with Matcha Green Tea was when I was a young girl and I travelled to Japan with my family.  My dad’s company originated in Japan so it was part business trip and part exploration for the family.  My mom was not feeling 100% well, probably from traveling across the world with 3 kids.

We stopped at a traditional Japanese tea garden and our host family ordered us all our first cup of Matcha. They promised it would help my mom feel better. I remember as a 12 year old, I was not very excited about this bright green tea with foamy bubbles on top.  (I did however help myself to the sweet rice balls they served us. Usually used as a way to break up the bitterness in the tea, we just skipped the tea and stuck with the sweets)

The tea was icky to our tastes then, but it did help my mom feel fantastic.  She plugged her nose and drank it down like a champ the rest of the week.  We ended up bringing a case of this miracle green powder home with us.  (We also had a case of sticky sweet rice balls!)

Throughout the years this was our go to way to fight a cold, fight a flu, fight stress, or any little ailment my mom would bust out the Matcha tea and make us chug it down.  In my later teen years I started to actually enjoy the flavor and drank it by choice.

Now even more than ever I love my Matcha Green Tea.  It keeps me healthy, happy, and full of energy.

One of my solutions to a quick breakfast or post workout shake is to add Matcha Green Tea and greens to keep my fueled up for the entire day.  It’s the perfect solution for us Matcha addicts who want a way to drink their tea and get their protein in!

Steph’s Lazy  Kitchen: Matcha Green Tea Smoothie



Matcha Green Tea

Vega Sport Vanilla Protein Powder

Meta Greens

Frozen Banana

Honey (dates, raisins, or other natural sweetener)

Lime Juice (also zest if you’d like)

Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk


Blend and Enjoy!

There are so many benefits to drinking Matcha Green Tea! Try it, and I’m sure you’ll be hooked too!

Remember Eating Well does not have to be hard!

See ya next time!

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