Let’s be honest.  The laziest way to get some food is pre-packaged goods.  I don’t think we should rely on these all the time.  But having them on hand as quick snacks or even meals when you’re running late is SUPER helpful.

Going on a trip? – Take some snacks!

This is a perfect time for me to show you my snacks, because I am all stocked up.  I experiment with different snacks and bars.  You’ll want to do the same for your taste buds, and nutritional needs.  I go for vegan and gluten free bars.  I try to find low sugar options and I monitor how full I feel when I eat them.  I want a good quality bar that is going to fill me up and keep me full for my busy day.

Another great way to have quick food on hand when you’re busy is to stock up when you have the time to cook.  When I make a crock pot meal, I always make sure to double the recipe so I can freeze extra servings of the meals.  Great for quick meals when you’re on the go…or just plain lazy in the kitchen.

In today’s episode I show you my snack hacks and freezer stock piles.


Let me know what you think? Do you have a favorite snack bar or freezer meal?

REMEMBER: Eating well doesn’t have to be hard!


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