“You can impact the world… without losing yourself.”
Stephanie Williamson

From burned out actress to business leader, Stephanie Williamson is proof that rock bottom can be a launchpad to incredible heights. She holds a Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation, accumulating over 1000 coaching hours. She is a Leader in Training for The World’s Finest Coach Training Program, Accomplishment Coaching, where she directs business coaches and leaders, ultimately steering the company.

Stephanie gives back to her local community through dedicated service with the Whatcom County Young Professionals Council Alumni. In this capacity, she leads young professionals to grow into their leadership and impact.

Her signature group coaching program, Lady Leaders, corporate, and premier private packages offer a suite of options for high performing leaders looking to step into a greater level of professional contribution and personal freedom.

To date, she has trained over 500 high performing leaders across United States and Canada. She is a highly sought after keynote speaker to business leaders, and organizations such as United Way, addressing topics of leadership, burnout, goal-setting and achievement. She lives in Bellingham, WA with her husband and beloved dog, Brandi.


Code of Honor

Creativity & Possibility

Creativity allows us to transcend traditional ideals, create new, meaningful pathways, and light up the world with our unique gifts. There are limitless possibilities when we look for what is beyond the normal, predictable, safe, and secure.

Radical Responsibility

Being radically responsible is the practice of empowering yourself to be the source of your life, taking full ownership of yourself and your experiences. This practice allows you full access to your power, fueled by genuine, organic enthusiasm to take action and accomplish your goals.

Ongoing Growth

Focusing our energy on expanding our knowledge and embracing personal growth allows us to further develop skills, talents, and our capacity to succeed.


Wellbeing is the groundwork for living a fulfilled life. This includes attention and self-care in the areas of body, mind, and spirit.


Love is what exists naturally within and between people. Removing barriers to experiencing love profoundly alters the quality of people’s lives. (A Core Value created and shared by my affiliate Accomplishment Coaching.)

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