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Executive Coaching:

Designed for executives, entrepreneurs, and small business badassesss

Together we will:

-Learn to take control of your business to produce results with less hustle from you.

-Become crystal clear on what is stopping you from achieving your next level of business success, and work your way through the barriers.

-Create time freedom without sacrificing your goals, by committing to what really matters and delegating the rest.

-Get back to your own personal desires and goals: Travel, Adventure, Creativity, Wellbeing, Relationships – making it possible to thrive in business AND in life.

-Learn to take ownership of what makes you uniquely extraordinary. Use it and make the world changing impact you desire.

Let’s do this together!

  • Coaching completely custom to you (this is not a one-size-fits-all approach)
  • 6 Month and 1 Year packages available
  • Leadership Development
  • Tools, Technique, and Training to lead authentically
  • Weekly structures and accountability
  • High touch engagement and ongoing support via personal access to Steph

Leadership Immersion:

Designed for individual leadership development:

Leadership isn’t limited to a role you were given at your place of work.  A Leader is (as defined by Dr. Brené Brown) anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential.  Whether you are a leader in a corporation, a leader of your own small business, or striving to be a community leader – growth is essential to your success. 

Together we will:

-Understand and implement the courage building skills based on Dr. Brené Brown’s recent research stating that courage is a combination of four skill sets that are teachable, measurable, and observable. (Steph is a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator)

-Create and execute a leadership project that challenges and grows you while impacting the areas in which you lead. This can be in areas of personal or professional leadership.

-Reflect on who you are as a leader, and what opportunities for growth exist. This immersion is not here to simply teach you “how to lead better” We’re here to change who you are, because who you are is how you lead

Let’s do this together!

  • Leadership Immersion is a 9 Month Personalized Program
  • Includes the entirety of the Dare to Lead ™ curriculum
  • Focus on Leadership project fulfillment as access to growth and development
  • Weekly structures and accountability
  • High touch engagement and ongoing support via personal access to Steph

Team Transformation Coaching:

Want to accelerate and leverage your team?

You want a Team
– Of leaders who take initiative
– Who produces big results
– That collaborates and supports one another
– Who takes action and thrives (even when you go on vacation!)

What’s happening now:
– High Turnover
– Below average results
– Low energy/engagement
– Lack of commitment and vision
– Hand holding and micromanaging
– You’re doing all the work anyway

Designed for companies with custom needs. Contact me for workshops, trainings, and team coaching.

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